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Destruction From Within

Where Will You Go and How Will You Pay?

Written by Jason Williams
Posted October 8, 2021

I do everything I can to avoid politics in these missives of mine. It’s not what you’re here for and it’s not what I’m here for either.

But sometimes, politics intersects wealth creation in such a way that you just can’t ignore it anymore…

When the president starts using the FBI to go after people who don’t share his opinions, that’s one of those times.

This Is How It Starts

My fiancée and her family fled Venezuela over a decade ago. They were opposed to the election of Hugo Chávez and her parents signed petitions to have a new election over concerns of fraud in the one in which he was elected.

Sometime not long after that, a group of masked commandos kicked in the door of their house in the middle of the night and dragged them all out of bed and out to the driveway.

After trashing the house and killing the dog, they left her and her family bewildered and terrified.

Her mother used to get mysterious calls in the middle of the school day to ask if she knew where her kids were. And the person the other end of the line would always assure her that if she didn’t, it was OK because they were watching them for her.

That’s how it started. A president that most of the country voted against started using the military to intimidate those who didn’t agree with him.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the discussion about the U.S. heading that way and heard things like, “We know what freedom is and we’d never vote it away.”

Roosevelt Didn’t Mean That Kind of “Bully”

But this past Monday, the president authorized his attorney general to use the FBI to go after parents who are upset their kids aren’t getting a good education and are instead being taught that the United States is an evil empire.

That’s how it starts, my friends. And Venezuela’s current situation is how it ends…

No food, no medicine, people living in fear of their government. It’s not something I’d like to live through.

Just as an aside, I think this is the greatest country on the planet and I know there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people desperate to get in.

I’d happily trade 10 “Americans” who think this is a bad country for one of those folks willing to give up literally everything just to get here.

But if there’s a large portion of the population set on ruining this great place, I’m not going to stick around and go down with the ship.

And I’ve already got my exit plan staged. Do you?

Bienvenido a Colombia!

My fiancée’s mother is Colombian by birth. Her father is Venezuelan. Obviously, we’re not going back to Venezuela anytime soon.

But Colombia is looking nicer by the day. I’ve already spent a lot of time there.

My first trip was to Medellín, Pablo Escobar’s old stomping grounds, to see a drug operation that had been approved by the Colombian government.

The operation was amazing (see picture below) and the surrounding countryside left me longing for more.

dubs at pharmacielo

My second trip was for my friends’ 10-year wedding anniversary. We started in Bogotá and ended up in Armenia. Both beautiful. Both places I’m excited to see again.

armenia colombia JW

And earlier this year, I was at a wedding in the Caribbean town of Santa Marta. Again, amazing. And again, I’m desperate to go back.

santa marta beach

And it’s looking like the president and his cronies in the government and the media are happy to give me a reason.

You see, once my fiancée and I are officially married, I can become a Colombian citizen too. And that makes it A LOT easier to buy property in Colombia and go live on it.

So I’ve got an exit plan. Colombia looks like a nice place to go if the U.S. continues down the path she’s on.

But there’s one problem with that plan. It requires money, and lots of it.

So where’s that going to come from? Especially if I need to make it quickly…

The Million-Dollar “Profit Machine”

Well, fortunately for me (and for you), I work with some of the best and brightest minds in finance. And they’re some of the greatest resources in the world for growing wealth.

So we can just follow the experts and turn our $10,000 “emergency fund” into a $1.1 MILLION “get the heck outta Dodge” account.

Or, I should say, if you know which expert to follow, you can do that. I know. And I’m the kind of guy who loves to share.

So I’m going to tell you all about him and how he’s been making me and other investors quick profits for years…

His name is Briton Ryle, and I’ve got to admit I’ve got a soft spot for him.

He’s the one who gave me a chance to work here. He was the first person at the company who saw what I’d accomplished and was convinced that was only the beginning.

And that’s not the only foresight Brit has. He’s also got just as good a knack for picking stocks as he has for picking analysts.

He’s proven that over and over again through his short-term trading service, Alpha Profit Machine

Now, we’re all pretty good at racking up impressive gains. But Brit’s got a system in place that's allowing him to lock them down in just a few days or weeks.

I’m talking about finding a stock in March and selling it in July for a 62% gain. And opening a trade in November only to close it in February for a 60% gain; opening one in April and taking a 45% profit by May; and banking a 70% gain between May and September.

None of those trades lasted more than four months. And all of them grew by more than 40%. And that’s not an uncommon event with Brit’s Alpha Profit Machine.

You’ll often hear bad investors talk about annualized gains. That’s a way of pretending a short trade was actually a long one. And it’s a way of window-dressing a poorly performing portfolio.

That’s because when you annualize a gain, you’re assuming you can get that same gain in that same timeframe over and over and over again.

The thing is, most people can’t do that. But Brit’s not most people. And in case you didn’t already guess by the name, the Alpha Profit Machine isn’t a person at all.

If You Can’t Beat Them…

You see, Brit has been paying attention to all the high-frequency algorithmic traders out there for years.

They’re really just computer programs with buy and sell signals coded into them. When a stock hits a buy signal, they buy it with zero abandon. And when it hits a sell signal, they dump shares and cause a flash crash.

They’re frustrating to say the least, but they’re here to stay, and when you can’t beat them, you join them. So that’s exactly what Brit did.

You see, Brit’s been refining a technical trading strategy for decades now. And he’s got a really good one in place.

But he’s human, and humans can only do so much and react so quickly. So Brit figured he probably knew investing better than these IT guys programming the algorithms...

And he set about creating his own automated trading system. He’s been working with a top developer for years now refining the system.

And he’s gotten it to the point where it’s picking out potential winners before even the high-powered algos on Wall Street catch on.

And that means Brit’s investors get to ride the rallies created by those computers to gains, like:

  • 70% on Upwork (UPWK) between October and November…
  • 58% on United Microelectronics (UMC) between July and August…
  • And 64% on Veritone (VERI) between November 24 and November 30!

That’s 70% in a month, 58% in a month, and 64% in just under a week!

And that’s why Brit could totally get away with annualizing his returns — because he can hit those winners over and over and over again.

But he doesn’t have to annualize those gains, because you’re smart enough to see that making 64% in a couple of days is a pretty incredible gain.

He could annualize them, but he’s good enough that he just doesn’t have to.

Welcome to the Machine

And today, he’s got a little extra room in his investing community. You see, Brit shares these trades with a select group of people.

But because this trading strategy is so powerful, he can’t have too many people using it or their trades will literally drive the market.

So he’s kept the numbers very small up to this point. And he’s not letting a ton of new members in today.

But he has opened up a few more seats at the table. And I want you to get invited to the feast he’s prepared for those lucky investors.

So I asked him to let me share a presentation he put together that really dives into his strategy and why it’s so successful…

APM video player

You can get access to the presentation by clicking this link (or the image above). After watching, you’ll get the opportunity to join Brit and the thousands of other investors already growing their wealth.

And I highly suggest you join him now. Because every day, the U.S. is getting closer and closer to the dictatorship that’s destroyed so many economies in the past.

And the only thing that can protect you from what could come is having enough money to get out while the getting is still good.

So let Brit help you grow that life raft of an emergency fund into an expedition yacht of an escape plan.

Get started before it’s too late.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason designed and analyzed complex projects for the U.S. Army. He made the jump to the private sector as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he eventually led his own team responsible for billions of dollars in daily trading. Jason left Wall Street to found his own investment office and now shares the strategies he used and the network he built with you. Jason is the founder of Main Street Ventures, a pre-IPO investment newsletter, and co-authors The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.

P.S. I hope I’m wrong about the direction in which our country is heading. But in case I’m not, I think it’s wise we all hear what Brit has to say. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Go here to learn how.

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